Cookies policy

 Cookies policy

Cookies are small blocks of information that the browser that is being used to visit the website stores in order, for example, to remember the username used to connect to the website and thus prevent the visitor from having to introduce it again during his/her next visit.

This website uses this type of cookies in order to improve the services offered. The visitor may or may not allow the use of cookies by accepting or not the invitation shown on the first visit to the web, always having the additional possibility of configuring the browser in a way that prevents the installation of cookies or, once installed, being able to remove them.

This website uses the cookies installed by Google Analytics. This service allows us to collect useful information about website visitors, such as the country from which they visit it or the type of browser used, information that allows us to improve the website to better meet the needs of visitors.

We also use session cookies, some of which are only valid temporarily -until the user finishes browsing the website- and others store the data with which the user has connected to the website (username and password) and, in this way, avoid having to write them during the next visit.

Additionally, other cookies necessary for the use of the software tools used on the website (JavaScript, for example) may be used.

The visitor may or may not accept the installation of cookies, although he/she must understand that not activating them may affect the correct functioning of certain tools on the website.