In-company training

Tailored courses and workshops for companies and professionals in data analysis solutions and technologies, both descriptive and predictive: Power BI, DAX, M, Tableau, Machine Learning, Python... and application of these technologies.

Personalized training

Even though the course catalog includes a list of courses with the most commonly requested characteristics, the training given is personalized in all cases according to the client's needs. In this way, the sales team does not have the same needs as the finance team, or a consultant than an administrative worker. Before the course, the suggested index is prepared and sent to the head of the client according to the recipients of the course or workshop, making the necessary corrections in the event that it does not exactly meet the client's expectations.

Student support

During the course delivery period, support is offered via email to students responding to questions that may arise outside the classroom about the content covered. Depending on the course -and as part of the training- the delivery of personalized documentation to the students with the most important concepts covered is included, as well as a list of additional resources that can complement the learning process.

In person and online

Even though the training is normally carried out at the client's facilities, in the event that distance or other considerations impose it (for example, that the professionals who are going to receive the course are scattered throughout different locations), the online delivery can be chosen using Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx or the videoconferencing tool available to the client. In this case, a test will be carried out several days before the course to ensure that the quality is good enough.


Since 1990, hundreds of hours of accumulated training for both individuals and professionals and companies endorse the courses given, time to which countless presentations and conferences should be added. These courses and presentations have been given to all types of audiences, always receiving the best reviews.