Introduction to Business Intelligence

Introducción al Business Intelligence
5-10 horas

For decades, information systems have been key elements to ensure the competitiveness of a company. Gone, therefore, are those times when it was not even necessary to know your customer, or the times when marketing could be a differentiator. Today, competition between companies is such that it is necessary to go a step further and use more advanced techniques that allow us to know the market in which we operate and make appropriate decisions.

If we want to give a name to this concept, we can turn to Business Intelligence or, simply, BI, understood as the set of strategies and methodologies focused on generating knowledge from the analysis of existing data in an organization or company.

In this introductory course we will review the classification of Business Intelligence systems, their historical evolution until reaching the powerful current systems, the current market of BI solutions, their implementation, as well as concepts close to or involved in Business Intelligence: Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.


  • Introduction to Business Intelligence systems
  • Corporate Information Systems
  • Historical Evolution of Business Intelligence
  • Description of a BI system
  • Self-service BI vs. Corporate BI
  • BI system architecture
  • Big data
  • Current Market for Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence Systems
  • Data quality