Power BI

Power BI
10-20 horas

Power BI has established itself, in just a few years, as the market leader for Business Intelligence self-service tools. In this course, the concepts involved in the use of this powerful tool will be reviewed, from data loading and transformation (ETL processes), creation of visualizations, introduction to the use of the DAX data modeling language for the creation of custom columns and measures that shape the metrics of interest, and ending with the upload of our reports to the Power BI Service, the creation of dashboards and their sharing.


  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Evolution of Power BI
  • Power BI components
  • Power BI Desktop overview
  • Definition of ETL processes
  • Data model
  • Creating visualizations
  • Use of hierarchies
  • Data segmentation
  • Managing interactions between visualizations
  • Introduction to the DAX language
  • Calculated columns
  • Measures creation
  • Custom visualizations
  • Publication of reports
  • Dashboard creation
  • The Quick Insights tool
  • Report and dashboard sharing
  • Panel presentation